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How It All Started

In 2017, the Cincinnati Blue Line Foundation, an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was founded by local police, business and civic leaders to serve the needs of the Cincinnati Police Department and ninety-five regional police forces in the greater Cincinnati tristate region. Through a private-public partnership model, The Cincinnati Blue Line Foundation is dedicated to promoting safer neighborhoods and highly skilled and equipped police through better technology, education and programming.

With tax-deductible donations, we provide the tools and training needed for a cutting-edge police force. We coordinate events that raise much-needed police department funds while also bringing our community together.
Funds raised by the Cincinnati Blue Line Foundation are used to provide necessary regional training and professional development, support community policing programs, and acquire supplemental equipment and resources that are not addressed in the City of Cincinnati’s annual budget. The Cincinnati Blue Line Foundation seeks to serve as a liaison between the business community, citizens and the Cincinnati Police Department on matters of public safety.

Spearheaded by the Cincinnati Blue Line Foundation and its business, civic and philanthropic partners, the Cincinnati Police Department has orchestrated a public safety strategy focused on increasing the size of the police force, establishing strong leadership and marrying cutting-edge policing with state-of the-art technology.

The organization is based on a public-private partnership model that has proven to be highly effective in the prevention of crime and promotion of public safety in other major cities. Since its inception, the foundation has worked to secure and leverage private resources to fund high priority projects designed to enhance the City of Cincinnati’s ability to promote public safety.


Create a space that provides the resources and training to improve the effectiveness of our police and strengthen the bond with the community through education and collaborative youth programs.


Provide the necessary resources for our law enforcement officers to ensure Cincinnati is a safe place to live, work, and visit.


Cincinnati Blue Line Foundation

We officially became registered as a 501c3 with a mission to make Cincinnati a safer place to live, work, and visit.

Capital Campaign

Worked to achieve our goal of raising $16 million to make our vision a reality.

Break Ground

Begin construction of our 7 acre campus located on Radcliff Drive.

Grand Opening

We open our doors to improve the quality of our law enforcement officers, and strengthen relationships with local youth.


The Cincinnati Blue Line Foundation has purchased seven acres of land located just outside downtown Cincinnati. The property overlooking the city will feature event space, training rooms, fitness facilities, youth athletic programs, FOP headquarters, and much more. The space will improve collaboration among neighboring law enforcement agencies and engage local youth in a commitment to keeping our city safe.